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What We Do

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We are active participants in the United States Treasury Market, NYSE, LME, SGX, SHFE and will often take an interest in various equity offerings, IPO’s, corporate debt, currency, options, corporate buy-outs or takeovers, capital infusions into funds and even real estate holdings. 



  • The trading of copper, zinc, lead, tin, nickel and other non ferrous and ferrous metal concentrates, as well as related by-products and secondary materials. 

  • Provide limited exposure to the fluctuation in price, currency, supply/demand and import export costs. through the trading of contracts that assist mines, smelters, refiners and metal consumers.

  • Providing assistance with the management of credit, performance and political exposures in emerging markets.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Through its global network of offices & affiliates, Nü Monument has the ability to cover a broad range of trading activities. As a global participant in the capital markets, with a niche in Fixed Income investment vehicles as well as in national and international trade of ferrous and non- ferrous exchange traded metals.  Our main objective is to  benefit from the predictable changes  and incremental movement within the global marketplace with a particular focus in the North American, European and Asian exchanges that ensures continuity and professionalism in the marketplace.

What We Do

Driving Ambition

We believe in an enhanced performance that can be achieved through our global connectivity to the many capital market participants around the world. Having the ability to source liquidity or move into an optimum position is a reality where we find great value in the premium culture of the company . That driving edge is what we call our belief. Nü Monument is a company that believes in its values, it believes in its culture, and it believes in its high performance people.


Nü Monument is a privately held company and does not solicit the public.  All trade activities are done on behalf of the company.  All information on this website is for educational purposes and does not constitute legal advice.

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